The curious case of the accidentally underprepared over preparer (frozen steak and corn and tomatoes)

If anything I am always prepared.  I know what I am having for lunch already next week and have my budget set through the end of the year. One thing I can credit my ex with is making me a little more laid back and spontaneous and being able to deal when my plans go awry (got to look for silver linings, right?)

I bought steaks in June when I had a man and his grill.  There was a pack of three so I froze one since I am a frugal frannie.  This week the budget was tight so I decided to pull out that frozen steak.  I came across this article and decided to try out the method of cooking straight from the freezer.  I love corn and tomatoes in the summer so I picked those as a side.  Here we go!

The cast of characters: an old frozen steak, olive oil, cherry tomatoes, corn,
an onion that only 1/4th was usable, garlic and salt and pepper
Preheat your oven to 275.  Pour 1/8th inch of olive oil into a saucepan or cast iron skillet

once it is heated and shimmers, add the frozen steak
If only I would have frozen it flat!

After 2 minutes, flip it over

Heat on the other side for another 2 minutes.  Transfer to a lipped baking sheet topped with a cooking rack (I used a cookie cooling rack and put foil underneath) and put in oven.  Cook for 18-20 minutes.

Sounded easy....Not so much.  After 20 minutes, my steak was still pretty much raw.

After almost an hour, it was pretty much raw.  I think the main problem was that my steak was bone in and wasn't totally flat.  Or maybe this recipe is not a good idea.

I decided to give up and just sear it in a pan as this wasn't going to work!

At least my side was coming out swimmingly!

My steak experiment still came out looking pretty but it was not yummy.  I think i will save up my money and eat steak from a restaurant from now on!

 If you are going to try this method, freeze your steak like they say in the original recipe and make sure it's not bone in.  Much like dating, not every recipe is going to come out as advertised!

Happy cooking!


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