Five for Friday Hate Week edition

Hello friends!  It was a long week.  Staying up Wednesday night for that whole world series game made it feel longer.  Linking up today with Amanda for Friday favorites.  Cheers to the weekend!

Just the University of, not you if you live there!
It's LSU/Alabama this week.  I hate them/  Especially this week.  My friend Mel B. pointed this out to me though...In 1997 (a great year, I graduated from high school!) the following things all occured:

  • There were two tied NFL teams
  • The Indians lost the world series in extra innings by one run
  • LSU beat the #1 team in the nation in Baton Rouge (I wish I would have been there)
Well we have two of the three, here's hopin' for a trifecta!


I am making a new take on short ribs for me for the game that I am watching alone at my new house as I usually do for the the Alabama game.  Can't wait to share how they turn out!


Speaking of my new house I will have some pics of it Monday!  I need a dining room table.  Any suggestions?  I have my grandmother's cherry furniture to go with it so I want it to look old, but not cost me an arm and a leg.

Sneak Preview!  I took this while sitting on the couch, blogging is easy, eh?

My ladies!
We are starting to ramp up our fundraising efforts for Hogs for the Cause!  We met this week to brainstorm and have our first event next weekend.  Hogs for the Cause is a BBQ competition raising funds to help families dealing with pediatric brain cancer.  I am on the only all girls team with some fabulous ladies!  (Please like our page!)


Did you celebrate National Sandwich Day yesterday?  My friend Jen and I sure did!  Her sandwich was way prettier than mine so you get that pic.  She had pimento cheese, I had mozzarella and roasted veggies.  Yum!

Love my city!

What are you up to this weekend?  How was your week?  Hope you have a great weekend!

Happy Cooking!


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