Recapping the weekend, no sleep till turkey!

Hello my dear readers!  Happy Monday of a short week that will culminate in family, friends food and black Friday! I had a weekend full of fun and not much food for once.  This will not become a habit! Linking up with the lovely Biana for Weekending. Let's get into it!

Friday night some lovely friends and I went to I love the 90's!  It was so fun to see the bands of our high school years play!

Love my formative years!
We missed most of Tone Loc but got all of this one!
I did not know either of these people who are with Coolio, and now I have both of their numbers!
Salt and Peppa should have been the headliners, they were amazing.  I hope to be as fab as them at their age, they have not lost a beat!
Vanilla Ice was meh and made me mad because he said now he could run for president. UGH.
We attempted to costume.  My choker got too tight. Such a fun night!
Saturday I watched that sad last minute LSU loss at my sister's while picking up some things she was getting rid of that I needed.  Got some qt with these little angels!

Roller Coaster!
Saturday night we hit up the Brooklyn Brewery Mash Beer Mansion.  I won free tickets! 

Chilly night, glad we were inside!
Sorachi Ace is my favorite!  Loved the Blood Orange Saison too! Awkward uncle wasn't half bad.
There was life sized chess and a fortune teller!  
It was such a beautiful setting!  Yes we are actually inside here!
This was our favorite room, the barrel aged room.  The sake beer and passion fruit sour were awesome! They were called ghost beers, things they make that are too expensive to mass produce.
Apparently a nightcap was needed, since we didn't get enough beer...
Which led to discovering that they have random late night concerts!  Loved these folks!
Some yummy breakfast was in order.  Went to a new place in the new hood, Pagoda Cafe.  I was so proud to patronize a restaurant committed to tolerance!  They had a sign proclaiming as much but I neglected to get a pic.  I will be returning soon!

Breakfast tacos so good you would think they came from a Texas gas station!
Such a fun weekend!  I prepared my liver for napa but not my tummy!  What were you up to?  What are your thanksgiving plans?  I will be showing you my favorite side dish tomorrow!

Happy Cooking!


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