Five For Friday Wait, Thanksgiving is next week?

Hello all!  Happy Friday!  This was a long week!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites! This was a short feeling week, probably because last week felt so long.  Here's what I have for this week.


I went and checked out Pizza and Pies at Paradigm Gardens Monday night.  It is an urban farm that provides food to local restaurants.  They have fun events all the time and I had never heard of it!  It was so lovely.

It is in a weird area but perfect.
The outdoor kitchen was something out of my dreams!
The pic of my pumpkin sour cream pie was much prettier than the one of the pizza!


The New Orleans Zephyrs (our minor league baseball team) has changed their name to the Baby Cakes.  This was by a vote of the people apparently.  I just can't.  
I get what they are getting at, but seriously?!


We had our office Thanksgiving luncheon yesterday.  It was good.  Tummy is stretched!  Do you have one at your office?

Nothing like fried turkey!

I won tickets to the Brooklyn Brewery Beer Mansion this weekend!! I forgot I had entered.  Looks like a fun event.  Makes for a full weekend because... 


I'm heading to I love the 90's on Friday night!  My friends and I are scurrying to find costumes!

What are you up to this weekend? Hope you have a great one!

Happy Cooking!


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