Five for Friday-Fun Ahead!

Howdy friends!  It is finally Friday!  This was a long week and I am ready for Mardi Gras and All Star Game festivities.  They will together be making traffic and getting around a nightmare, but should be a blast! Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites


I brought my Dad to Pure Barre on Valentine's Day since my real valentine was out of town for work. Dad did good! As I told you before, he is a cross fit person so he was used to hard work, and kept his plank all 90 seconds!  We went and had sushi after with my mom at Shogun.

Me and my gym rat idol.
It was a fun night at the barre for all of us!


The gentleman caller and some friends and I went to see Chris Tucker and Dave Chappelle last night at the beautiful Saenger Theater. There was a strict no cell phone policy, but I needed mine to Instagram my food at Meauxbar and catch a Lyft, so I did their odd pouch option. They, and the comedians, were hilarious!  BTW, if you have not tried Lyft yet, do it!  I like it better that Uber.  If you haven't signed up yet, use my code here.  We both will get discounts! (I was not paid for this, I promise).


I had a hankering for Taco Bell for three whole weeks and I finally let myself have it Wednesday. Worth every calorie.  Now I have started with a hankering for Chinese food.  Since Mardi Gras is starting and I have no room for extra calories, maybe this recipe will help quell the craving!


I am making Jello shots for out Mardi Gras party Sunday.  I am also using them for my photography homework to practice selective focus.  Kind of like this.

Image by Jason Devaun from my class materials
What is your favorite kind of jello shot?  I am making pomegranate berry and strawberry banana as wild cards.  What other two should I make?


I probably won't be around Monday because my sister is having a baby!  Well scheduled to, it could happen before.  I will be busy meeting my last little niece or nephew and holding them tight.  I can't wait to find out which flavor he or she is!  Pics to come on the recap Tuesday!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend with people you love!  See you next week!

Happy Cooking,


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