Five for Friday-Fun times in July

Hey y'all.  Happy Friday!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.  She had a big influence on number four in today's post!   It has been a long week of work and fun, and there is bound to be more fun because...


Today is Gentleman Caller's Birthday!  We are going to a fancy dinner tomorrow night at Clancy's and I have two awesome gifts for him.  I cannot wait to celebrate and see his reaction to the gifts and to one of my favorite restaurants he has never tried.  And I get to stop being two years older than him until my next birthday!


We also celebrated a year of dating on Tuesday.  That certainly flew by! I got some pretty flowers that I am not allergic to and we went to a fun Tales of the Cocktail event at the Southern Food and Beverage Museum to celebrate.  We also got in the newspaper, well the online version! (we are in pic #5.)

There was not enough food to counteract all the cocktails so we went for dinner after.  Much better lighting at Casa Borrega than the article photo!


Have you ever heard of Thai rolled ice cream?  We just had one open and I am dying to take some borrowed kids soon so I can blame my ice cream craving on them!  Sounds like it is time to offer one of my sisters' some long overdue overnight babysitting!


I got my Nordstrom Haul!  Here are some of my scores, most of these items are under $50. I don't do affiliate links for clothes (or really anything anymore) so I am just linking in case you like something and want to see if they are sold out. I don't know what happened with these photos upon publishing.

A great look for work, already wore it! Shirt, skirt and pumps

Can't wait for fall to wear this! Shirt, jeans (sorry sold out), shoes (got them on Prime Day)
I need a tank for my fave tunic!  Man those Spanx leggings are hard to get on!
Again, I am not sure why these pics turned out larger than I intended! iPhone's are wonky!


Next week I am taking a mental and physical health day to get a much needed massage.  My body has been aching everywhere and my legs are so sore.  I think I am just getting old or maybe I am not drinking enough water.  This excellent skincare post by Lindsay at Bourbon Lipsticks and Stilettos was a good reminder this week to get back on the hydration train!

Well there you have it! I hope you have a fabulous weekend! What are your plans?  How was your week?

Happy Cooking!


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