Recapping the weekend-Family Manual Labor and family fun

Hey friends!  Happy new week!  Hope yours was spectacular!  I had a hectic Saturday and not much else to speak of besides that.  Linking up with Biana for weekending.  

Friday I went to 75 minutes of hot yoga at Free to Be taught by my old roommate, Jen.  It was intense but awesome, and it was such a needed treat!  I went to Whole Foods to grab some dinner after; I felt like I was living in Austin again!  I binge watched A Chef's Life and went to bed early after the exhausting yoga because I knew Saturday would be even more exhausting.

My parents have decided to put their house of 39 years on the market and downsize.  It is the only true "home" I have known, since I move so much.  It is kind of bittersweet, but I am so happy for them.  And they are going to get a pool!!!

My sister and brother in law have decided to dedicate some weekend time to helping them get it ready for sale. The house has ZERO curb appeal, see for yourself below. So we started by redoing the garden on Saturday.

It was a great family day to hang out with my mom (dad was out helping with a local election) and my oldest sister, brother in law and the kids.

The adorable younger two.  Such sweet sisters!
Oldest sister wanted to do some yoga after I talked about it.  Look at that crow!

After a sweaty day of hard work, we got to reveal a new garden (that still needs a tree on the left, but we didn't have a truck).  It looks so much better! I need to get into my garden now!

After! Japanese Boxwood up front, Azaelas in the back, Lilies of the Nile on the right.
After all that, my hardworking Gentleman Caller wanted a fun night out.  We met up at his friends' tiki bar Portside Lounge.  They had a pig roast and a punk rock band.  This felt very reminiscent of something I did almost exactly a year ago!  I regret to say the food was better last year.

I love the sign.
We shared a tiki bowl. Wish I would have known him in college so we could have done it then too!

Creepy pig head!

The punk rock band was entirely too loud so we had to leave.  Yes, I am almost 40, why do you ask? We hit up a dive bar, Verret's Lounge,  I have been dying to try after and watched the UFC fight.  Was so sad to see our Louisiana boy Daniel Cormier lose.

Sunday was cleaning, cooking, blogging and sleeping in.  Much needed!  Game of Thrones and dinner on the fly made Sunday night great!

Well there you have it! How was yours?  Hope it was great.  See you back with some more yummy food tomorrow!

Happy Cooking!


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