Two Years?!?!

Hey y'all!  Well this certainly snuck up on me, today is two years since I started My Shitty Kitchen! I made some changes around here to celebrate in case you didn't notice. I cannot explain to you how much your readership and support has meant to me during these two years.  If I had imagined my life being like it is now two years ago, I would have thought I was dreaming!

If you will remember (or are new here and didn't know) I started this blog because I went through a traumatic breakup.  My life was literally flipped upside down and I felt like I was spinning out of control. Then I remembered my late godfather's mantra: Control the Controllables.  

His daughters even tattooed it on their foot!
Control them I did.  I knew I needed to process the emotions I was having and make myself grow through the pain. I did it. I read acceptance books, I learned how to meditate, I cried, I accepted the feelings, sent a few mean drunk ex texts and told myself that was okay (which it the time). I leaned on my wonderful friends for support.  I also needed an outlet to put all my energy into as I was a ball of nerves and edgy, so I created this here blog. 

I have learned so much in the past two years and two months that I feel like I deserve a diploma.  But that is why we are on this earth.  We should never stop learning, never stop growing, never stop spreading love and never stop being kind.  And sometimes forgive people we don't want to forgive, which I did.

Now I am no longer living in a crappy basement apartment, have no more debt, and have a prettier blog (y'all should have seen how ugly it was in the beginning!) with pictures I actually use my brain to take (that was a shitty post!). Oh, and I have a pretty amazing and handsome Gentleman Caller too! In addition, I have all of my new blog friends that I have learned so much from; about travel, about life, about not having kids and being okay with that, about other parts of the country, about clothing sales, and even about cooking! And I got to meet one in person! (sorry I couldn't link to all my blog friends, but you know who you are!)

So anyway thanks again.  I love sharing my food with you and I hope I can make your kitchen a little more fun or just entertain you with my snarky captions.  If you blog, how long have you been blogging?

Happy Cooking!


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