Welcome again to my House!

Well I am all moved in, except for the dining room which will be a work in progress. But since I am heading to Napa next month and Christmas is around the corner, I am going to need to wait on that.  

I took these photos at night because it gets so dark so early now and I have been getting home later to boot despite the much shorter commute.  Although there is a clue in the first pic that tells you this was taken before daylight savings time.  Call me out in the comments!  

I am so happy to have my own place again with a non shitty kitchen (should I rename the blog?) in a walk-able neighborhood that I have been wanting to get into forever.  As you may know I love me some Jazz Fest  and now I live walking distance to it!  I have a feeling my house will not look this nice when that time of year rolls around!  Well, for the second time in 4 months, welcome to my home!

Granite counter tops!  Stainless steel appliances, ample cabinet room!  Who am I? My back door shade is on order from Etsy, I cannot wait to get it!
That is my great grandmother's table, it needs a serious coat of paint.  That weird black ring is from it being used at Hogs for the Cause for face painting!
This is my beautiful new bedroom.  The rug is from Rugs USA.  This pic does not do it justice, I cannot recommend them enough. 
The original fireplaces are so gorgeous.  I only wish they were working!
I still had the guest bathroom shower curtain from the days when I had uses for such things and put it to good use in this house...

Hidden storage!  This area is still a work in progress.  I only have one closet in the whole house so this has to store everything from off season clothes to Christmas decorations!
You can see my empty dining room in the background and that is has a beautiful fireplace just like the living room and bedroom!  I love old details like that so much!
And finally my Ikea couch that I put together all by myself!  The throw pillows are from Marshalls.  This rug is also from Rugs USA.

What I learned moving into this house was that you can take furniture from many different sources and make them look great.  And not everything has to break the bank. And you can store things in ingenious places.  I collect things throughout the years and always reuse them and all of my art gets re purposed for other rooms.  A big lesson is I have learned to not be afraid of color...Or a white couch!  I have already spilled wine on it, but it came right out!
Well there you have it!  It was a long time coming to having a beautiful home again but I have it and I could not be happier.  I wish I could have you all over for a glass of wine and a hearty meal!

Happy Cooking!


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