Five for Friday, it is slowly sinking in...

Hello all!  Happy Friday!  This was a long week!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites!

Mimosas and sleeping in are in order!
Back when ol' Katrina happened, New Orleans was not a great place to be, as it was, well, a disaster area.  There was frustration with a certain president at the time, for both local Democrats and some Republicans, for what looked like a lack of response. We all were united in our disapproval of him, but he was still our president whether we liked it or not.  Then the Saints drafted Reggie Bush and everyone went wild.  A local T-shirt company, Dirty Coast, created a shirt that sold like hotcakes.

Well, neither of them will leave a great legacy, but I digress...

I am not sure there is a Trump we can all agree on, even Ivanka.  But, I am trying today to make a list of things I think we can all agree on.  This happened, and there is no going back, it is signed sealed and delivered.  We have to move on, accept it and get back on with life now and hope for the best.  It felt a lot like my breakup that caused this blog to come to fruition, in fact, I was feeling a lot of those same emotions.  But, like I channeled my anger, pain and frustration with my situation into this little space on the internet, I will channel whatever this feeling is into spreading joy, kindness and love, and getting involved with causes and people that may or may not begin to suffer in the impending  four years months.  We are all Americans, and this country is a growing, changing and amazing beast. We have survived wars, a horrible depression, presidents being assassinated, 9/11, hurricanes, gas lines and countless horrible fashion trends; we can handle this in a civilized manner, right?  

So here is my list of  things that I think are amazing, and most of us agree are amazing.  Tell me if you agree in the comments, or give a list of your own!


Shows like This Old House, Fixer Upper and House Hunters.  Isn't it fun to watch people house hunt or renovate a house into the one of their dreams?  Maybe I am biased, but I just love these shows and find most people do too.  I miss cable!

Pictures of Puppies.  Pups in person are not everyone's cup of tea, but a pic of a cute one?  Who can't get behind that?

And a pup watching TV at that!?

Love!  Who can't get behind love.  Whether it be romantic love, love of family or love of great friends, who's not a fan of love?!

I love my friends!  Bonus, we are kicking pediatric cancer's ass here, who can't agree on that?

Vacations.  Who doesn't love a vacation?  Whether it is my favorite that includes flip flops, the beach and a cold beer, or camping, or museum touring or skiing etc.; a vacation is something we can all agree on.  Just maybe not together.


Looking up at the stars and realizing you are alive and looking at something wonderful.  Even if you can't see them; you know they are there.

I know that people are good as a rule.  There are, of course, exceptions to every rule, but we have seen everyone's, excuse my French but, ass this week and I am ready to call it a day on that. Back to no politics and just normal stuff on facebook.  Lets all go forth this weekend and spread love, joy and compassion.  Open a door, smile, call your mom, give your partner a backrub, let the kids go without chores, and also, please do something nice for yourself!

Sorry for the heavy post today.  I solemnly swear I will be up to no good this weekend and will recap it Monday!

Have a wonderful, splendid weekend!


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