Hello friends! Hope you had a spectacular weekend! I did as usual and got a lot done, as my move was being completed yesterday so that is why we have this post today. I have some really nice friends that helped me Sunday with a bit of furniture and hired people for the rest. I am almost all settled in, I just need to get a dining room table and organize a few more things.  House pics to come when I get it in order! Here we go to a recap!

Friday I checked out Pho Tau Bay for lunch. I got the Pho Ap Chao, holy cow!  I did not eat more than one "slice" of the noodles.  I regret that quite a bit.

I had happy hour with my two of my three Sunday movers at Bayou Beer Garden.  I love this place and now it is biking distance from my house! Score!

Friday night I took a few more loads and  then cooked in my new kitchen for the first time.  I made my old standby, a clean out the fridge tortilla pizza
Saturday was more loads.  I got pretty much everything that could not fit in my tiny car out the old house!  And went to Wal Mart.  In my Pure Barre clothes after Platform.  Luckily I saw no one!
Saturday night I tried N7 for dinner.  I will not put any food here because it is going to get it's own post since it was so cool.  

I will tease you with this!
Sunday, the aforementioned moving partners helped me with my new bed and Tempurpedic mattress and drove all over town to help me.  I owe them a good meal.  I bought them a mediocre one as a placeholder.  I refuse to move again unless it is for a really good reason after this!

Mid City Yacht Club!

They put a big giant pickle on Luke's and my burger.  We hate them.  So we went half bun!
I had nacho envy!
I will give you a post of the house soon.  But before that we return to the food tomorrow!  Hope you had a fantabulous Halloween!  Any great stories?  I unpacked, put together an Ikea couch and handed out some candy, low key, but much needed!

Happy Cooking!


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