Jazz Fest Weekend One, food reviews and more!

Hello Hello Hello.  This was an awesome weekend courtesy of Jazz Fest!  I went all weekend and am doing only half of next weekend (stupid budget!). This weekend was full of awesome music, food, friends and sunshine!  Let's get right into it!

Friday my sister and her best friend and I (and their hubbys) had our traditional first Friday day.  Best friend had shirts made for us!  We saw Flow Tribe (My local fave) Cowboy Mouth (meh) Grace Potter (SO DAMN GOOD!) and Steely Dan (Eeek!) They kind of disappointed.  Didn't play all the hits.

FEST FRIENDS FOREVER! Me, my sister and her best friend who is one of mine too.
Brother in law having seafood au gratin.  He reported good things.
A blurry Boudin ball.  It was good
Brother in law's Sweet Potato Pone.  Good stuff!
My sausage jalapeno bread.  Yum!
Shadowy fried green tomatoes.  Best thing that day!
Cracklins and my cracked manicure.  Yummo delish!
Michael McDonald! Steely Dan was good but old :(
Saturday I headed out to the fest with my neighborhood pals.  We took the bus and it was so efficient. We spent a little time in the blues tent and then hit the Vietnamese booth for food.

Vietnamese egg rolls so damn delish!
I was a good girl and got greens, okra and crowder peas.  And I didn't eat the rice!
Nathaniel Rateliff and the Night Sweats were AMAZING.
This was about all I could see of Pearl Jam, it was so packed.  I had seen them before at least!
The gals and I skipped the end of Pearl Jam and selfied to Van Morrison #moondance
Sunday!  Chili Peppers!  I went by myself on the bus and a homeless man decided to keep me company despite the empty bus. Like he sat basically on top of me. I cried he smelled so bad! I was meeting my pals that came in from out of town.  They set up a great spot!  We saw Better than Ezra (swoon!) Voice of the Wetlands All Stars and then the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

I swore I took this the right way!  Jama Jama, poulet fricasse and plantains from Congo Square.
Sweet Potato chips were a hit!
Anthony Kiedis shirtless of course!
Playing with the Meters!
I found my sweet rides home at a free neighborhood crawfish boil!  Only in New Orleans!
We had a great time!

It was exhausting and a blast!  I can't wait to do it again on Thursday and Friday!  I love a short week!

If you are ever looking for a fun spring music festival to attend.  Hit up Jazz Fest!  The food, music and people are amazing!  I have been going every year since I was 14, I even flew in from Texas when I lived there!

Have you ever been? What is your favorite music festival?

Happy Cooking!


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