Five For Friday-Single Mom Edition

Good Morning and Happy Friday my lovelies! This was a long week huh? I am linking up with Amanda  for some Friday loves!


My sister and brother in law are in Florida for our good friend Lisa's wedding this weekend.  I am skipping it due to my friend Megan getting married here, and as a result, I am watching my two wonderful nieces and their sweet puppy Lucy this weekend while they are gone.  This is quite a change for me as all I have is a low maintenance deaf dog that sleeps 22 hours a day currently and I have turned into a single mom of two children and two special needs dogs. Wish me luck in car line this morning! Luckily I have an overnight babysitter for the wedding I am attending.  I love my nieces to pieces, but usually I can give them back after a few hours so y'all pray for my patience please!! I'm excited to have to cutest sous chefs in town tonight!



You may have seen my two Plated posts this week and last.  I tried Blue Apron this week.  Have you tried these two?  Any other meal delivery services I should try and add to my reviews?  I will have the answer of which one is better for you next week, check back in to find out!


Do you have trouble with Siri understanding you?  As a southern lady with a New Orleans weird accent, I feel this lady's pain.  Anytime a long vowel is involved, Siri butchers it.  This week's' mishaps were Siri turning went into want very inappropriately and correcting my potty mouth with some hysterically funny words.  


I am on the hunt for white roll-up jean shorts.  I have some awesome denim colored boyfriend ones like Amanda shows off in this post and I want some white ones!  Help me!  I am even willing to spend a little money.  I am at that awkward stage of being over 35 and not being a mom so I want to look young but also don't want to look indecent with something with a 3 inch inseam.  Have you found any that would fit this bill? Tips are appreciated!


My maternal grandpa died this week.  He was suffering with Alzheimer's and battled it well and finally succumbed to it Wednesday evening.  I am so glad he is at peace.  He was a wonderful man and was the biggest LSU fan you will ever meet.  He loved golf, baseball, inappropriately wearing white socks with dress shoes, Jesuit High School (he's the reason I wanted to be a Jayette) and his family.  We are celebrating his life and spirit next week.  Send my momma and his wife some good thoughts if you have time please.

Middle Sis, Little Sis, "Murf" and me.
That's what I have for Friday.  How was your week? What are you up to for the weekend?  Let me know!  Back with maybe a full recap Monday if I can do it with all my responsibilities, if not, it'll be back to the food!

Happy Cooking!


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