Recapping the Weekend, beautiful weather in the middle of April!

Hello everyone!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend! The weather here is out of control gorgeous, hope it is that way in your neck of the woods or will be shortly!  I did not step foot at French Quarter Fest all weekend which is odd for me.  My thoughts and love go out to former New Orleans Saint Will Smith's family as he was killed this weekend.  He was one of the good guys and that is a neighborhood frequented and lived in by me and my friends, so sad and senseless!

Friday was a lay low night to get some House of Cards watched.  I am about halfway into season 4, I am loving it!  I wasn't a fan of the last season and I am so excited how well it is coming all together.

Saturday my friends and I did yoga on the stand up paddleboard with Nola Paddleboards.  They were so friendly and awesome!  It was a much prettier day than these pics show.  It was so peaceful out on the water,  however the yoga was so hard!  We did some basic poses like downward dog, chair and pidgeon...and of course mermaid! We got a little seasick and it was not as relaxing as regular yoga with the added pressure of not trying to fall in,. but I was so glad I did it!

Stretching with our fab teacher Sam.  We had a Sam in our group so it was confusing!
Stretching some more.
My friend Jen the fancy yoga teacher did wheel on the board!
We went to 1000 Figs after for a healthy lunch.  Holy cow it was delicious!
Saturday night I went to one of my old faves La Crepe Nanou with my friend Monica.  It was so nice to have some lovely French food with a great friend.  We had a night cap at the Kingpin after.  So nice now that it is smoke free.  The people watching was fantastic!

Mmm french onion soup!
Sunday was book club at my house. It was a fabulous boozy day as usual. We all re-lived our college years since the book was mostly about girls in a sorority at college. You know it is a sign of a good time when you are writing this before bed and two of the ladies' vehicles are still parked outside my house! Full recap of all of the recipes to come! I will have another Plated review for you this week and I am having Blue Apron all week so a full head to head review is sure to be on the horizon!

Hope you had a great weekend!  Let me know how it was!  Also linking up with Biana for Weekending!

Happy Cooking!


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