What am I? (proof that roasting any vegetable can make it taste better)

My sister had a Hollygrove Box one week and they contained a mystery ingredient. As in they ran out of something and substituted and she neglected to catch what is was.  She didn't use it, and passed it on to me as I am a creative food reuser and food blogger.

They looked like a cross between a radish and a beet.  I am not a fan of beets at all so I was hoping that was not what they were.  I googled and googled and could not come up with an answer, so I decided to try it first to help me sleuth.  In the end I was shocked at what it was and that I liked it. Find out after the montage.

What are you weird little things?  Tell me!
Ooh you are weirder now that I can see your insides!
I have a feeling i know what you are and I am not happy about it, but let's roast you and find out.
You can't be too offensive now that you have been roasted!
Well it turns out they are beets.  I think they are a cross between Chioggia and white, because they didn't fit the full description of either.  And they were deliciously not grass tasting, just earthy.  All they needed was a little salt and pepper and roasting at 350 for 15 minutes!

First I start to like IPA's, bourbon and fish, now beets!  What's next?  Shrimp?  Adele?  Pickles?  Ew, who am I? I guess your palate does change every few years!  Short post because I was out on a school night late last night, see you with 5 for Friday tomorrow!

Happy Cooking!


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