Seaside recap! (Lisa's Bachelorette Party)

I had a wonderful weekend celebrating my friend Lisa and her upcoming wedding!  We rented a house just outside of Seaside, FL and had a fun girls weekend! Pics of the girls and some food below! Enjoy a non cooking post for once!
Yes it is.  And a a lot of it was had!

The super cute koozies

Goodies for the honeymoon!
Some of my favorite people in the world!
The Bride and me.  I love the colors of our outfits together!
The Tampa girls with a Texan in the middle
The weather was out of control awesome.  I just love Seaside!
We went to the Red Bar Friday night.  Sister and I got our dad a present since he loves the place!
I forgot to take food pics as we were all having so much fun catching up!
The paneed chicken was out of control good!
Went to our old stomping grounds in Destin for a pre-boating brunch
A good bloody Mary, but where is my celery?
Beautiful view!
My sister got the sesame crusted fish with kale and cheese grits instead of rice.  Delish!
I am not a seafood lady usually, so I got pork stir fry.  The pineapple was such a good addition!
Came with spring rolls, way too much food so I shared with the group.
We also shared a spicy tuna roll that was hella delicious.
After a very fun boat ride we cleaned up for dinner at Bud and Alley's.
One of our companions had too much fun on the boat and couldn't join us...
We had some overpriced Meomi
Baked Oysters, delicious!
Hummus was pretty good.
Someone else's scallops. 
I could not pass up a ribeye and creamed spinach.  I know I know,
I am so weird with my fish and shrimp weirdness!
Waiter, there's a fly in my Meomi!  He had a good time I bet.  Not pictured, me watching the LSU/Florida game on my phone.
Someone else's crab cakes.  I had a bite and it wasn't bad. 
I don't know why I got this name tag, ask anyone, I'm really nice!
The next morning we ate in Seaside and had the best waiter, he was hysterical and charming
I got the corned beef hash benedict.  Those cheese grits are the bomb
Fried green tomato benedict for my sister

It was such a fun weekend and I hated for it to come to an end!  Seaside is so beautiful!

Happy Cooking!


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