Hey y'all!  Greetings from my dining room table which is now my home office.  I am so happy I get to work from home and so sad some cannot do that or have lost their job.  We are going to undergo cuts in the coming days, so I am hoping I make it.  How are you doing?

In very sad news, my cousin's husband unexpectedly took his own life recently. I was bringing her family red beans to comfort them a little on Monday, since that is traditional red beans day in New Orleans.  I cannot, for the life of me, make white rice correctly so I went to the Chinese restaurant by my house and bought some white rice.  Well, the restaurant had to close to dine-in customers the next day and decided just to close altogether.  They knew I like to cook, so they gave me eight heads of broccoli, the equivalent of 4 packs of button mushrooms, two gigantic carrots and a plethora of green onions, FOR FREE!  Hello food blogger windfall!  I have been cooking up a storm!

I am trying to help my cousin and her kids as much as I can.  This is not a good time to be out of routine for them and these two unexpected events at the same time are just a tragedy. Please send your love, vibes and prayers to her and the kiddos.  He was a wonderful man and this is really hard for everyone that knew and loved him.  Do you have any tips besides bringing food and sending love and visiting sporadically?

And hey, times are tough y'all, but life is so good, reach out to the people you love during this tough time, we are all on the same shitty boat, but we have each other!

Speaking of reaching out, my high school friends and I had a virtual happy hour on Google hangout the other day.  We haven't been all together since April and it felt lovely to "see" them!

I love my friends!
Working from home isn't so bad, but I really want a printer.  I discovered Genius Scan to scan things and it is life changing.  I have been doing Pure Barre on demand everyday and walking Bitsy every evening.  I've got to keep moving, because once I open the bag of Doritos I bought today, it is on!

Thank you pure barre for taking care of us!
Since we are all stuck at home, may I suggest you make one of my more labor intensive favorite recipes?

How about a decadent Cassoulet?  Worth all the work!

Or what about authentic Tex Mex Enchiladas?

Some dry aged yourself exotic short ribs will make your day!

Procrastibaking?  Let them eat scones!

Semi Whole Wheat Oatmeal Blueberry Scones

Pretend like you are having a dinner party and make my favorite chicken to make for company!

Well y'all, stay well and stay the heck home!  We can beat this thing if we social distance, self isolate and take care of ourselves! And wash your damn hands!

Happy Cooking!


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