Friday Favorites-Domestic Bliss

Hi friends!  Happy Friday.  I just have been on cloud nine having Kevin home these past two weeks.  Having company makes being "Safest at Home" (that is what they are calling Phase 1 in these parts)  much more enjoyable.  Hope you are well and taking care of yourselves.  It is okay to have a lazy day and ignore the to do list, I have been guilty of it and not feeling guilty at all.  Here is what we have been up to!

Happy Hours on the porch with the pup.
Getting the house patriotic for Memorial Day and Fourth of July.
Smoked a pork butt.
I stuffed zucchini with said pork.
Zucchini with everything, there is so much!  Kevin made one of his epic pork chop concoctions.
We went to Mid City Yacht Club (a bar!) with my friend Laura and her husband.
I did Pure Barre at the studio!  Lots of precautions, but not scary at all.
Pressure washed the house and backyard!  Gosh that is satisfying!
After.  Pressure washing is so satisfying!

We have been riding for exercise 3 times a week and for fun one day a week. This time we went to Parleaux Beer Lab where I do did yoga on Sundays.
We have been doing a lot of eating al fresco before swamp heat and flying roaches set in aka, Summer.  It's coming!

Chicken and Melted Zucchini for the second time, outside!

Lady sized ribeyes (more on that below) and Covey Rise Veggies!

And a Company Burger picnic after a long bike ride!
While it has been blissful, it still is weird to have someone else here after so long, especially because he was commuting to Texas before Corona hit and not here all the time. Our differences are showing, as they will. Apparently, I don't buy proper meat portions for a man, all of my "economy" steaks and cutting pieces of chicken smaller doesn't fly anymore, lol. And only having one bathroom, whose door is literally my Zoom meeting backdrop, is very wonky.

Well that is going on in this neck of the woods.  My birthday is next week, that sure did fly by, I feel like I was just ziplining for my 40th.   We plan on getting some crawfish this weekend and having a pool party at my parents' house to celebrate Memorial Day and my birthday.  What do you have on tap?  What has been keeping you sane?  Have a great one!

Happy Cooking!


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