Recapping the weekend-Productive and pretty!

Hi friends!  Back to the grind.  I am loving my weekends during this quarantine, I have been so productive and moving my body so much.  Hope you are taking care of yourself and making yourself happy.  We need to take time to self care!

On Friday, I picked up a share of Covey Rise veggies as usual.  I have been loving the local produce fix without going to the store!

I ordered a "Festing in Place" shirt from Dirty Coast.  It came Friday and I was so happy to wear it while I worked from home and fested in place!

My mom has been begging us to come over and have a pool night so we all relented and went Friday evening.  We tried to be as socially distanced as possible, but it is hard!

My sister is quite the bartender!  Raspberry Rosemary Martini!
The ones who aren't six feet away from each other live together! 
My other sister is quite the baker, she made carrot cake, my first sweet of coronacation!
I scurried home and got to bed, I had a big Saturday planned!  I woke up and did Pure Barre and then put together my new exciting push mower so I could mow my lawn myself!

Only took 10 minutes to put together and another 10 to mow the lawn! 
Then, I decided to clean out my shed.  My side of my double had male tenants for ages and it collected quite a bit of manly things I'll never use, or Kevin already has.  It was time for a clean out!

Everything out!

I kept the things that looked like keepers. I had to sweep the floor three times!
Bike, blow up kayak (in the fancy bag), jazz fest tarp (in the not fancy bag), charcoal, and paint supplies.  And sadly, Roundup.  I live in the South, it is a necessity! I never knew this till I owned a small urban space.
One day, these will be hung and organized.  And look, the only paint I bought to the right!
So much better!
I am going to make it a mecca of organization when I have job security and a plan.  I foresee pegboards, shelving and much more!  It was nice to get all the stuff I don't need out of there.  If you are wondering why I need eight camp chairs, it is for Jazz Fest.  Many people just leave theirs here and pick them up every year to walk in! And they are handy when everyone congregates here after to wait out the traffic or the Uber wait.  Ah, memories!

I worked up a sweat so I made a lunch with my Covey Rise veggies.  I have made this stuffed tomato before, you can find the recipe here.

Fancy lunch!
I piddled around after that, took a jog along Bayou St. John and fested in place.  It was a lovely Saturday! Then I made myself a yummy low carb dinner that I need to share soon and had it al fresco.  Thanks for the inspiration, Lindsay!

Just missing company!
Sunday morning I woke up and did Pure Barre and then decided to give the Go Clean Go treatment to my bathroom.  4 cups of water and 4 tsp. of bleach on everything!

Smells and looks so good!
This water was clear when I started!
After that I had lunch and decided to have a bike ride to the French Quarter to see it empty.  Empty it was! Nothing but bikes. There were very few pedestrians and I have never seen the streets so clean!

This is Bourbon Street, can you believe it!?  That's Tropical Isle up ahead.
This is Frenchman Street, which is slowly becoming the new Bourbon St. Just a few brave souls. 
Dat Dog was open so I had to get my favorite beer on draft.  I missed you Juicifer!
 The graffiti artists have been doing some of their best work these days with no people around!

I decided to make it a long ride and passed up my house on the way home and rode along Bayou St John almost to Lake Pontchartrain.  I ended up doing 12 miles!  I need some yoga in my life, I'm going to be sore!

House goals!  I want to live on the water so bad!
I came home and properly washed and blew out my hair for the first time in awhile and then just chilled to the last day of "Jazz Fest."  They played Bruce Springsteen's performance from 2006,  That  was the first Jazz Fest after Katrina and I was there.  I got chills; it was amazing. I was a young idiot then and thought his tribute to New Orleans with zero of his hits was "boring" and walked off to see another act.  Youth is truly wasted on the young!  It is a true silver lining that I got to hear that again and appreciate it as a proper adult.  

Well I fell in love with my city and my house this weekend is the long story short.  All we can do is look for silver linings in these times.  We are all in the same boat, and it just sucks.  Hope you had a weekend full of what makes you happy!

Happy Cooking!


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