Friday Favorites-October!

Hello Friends!  TGIF!  October is here and it has been fall like weather all week.  Let's keep it up!  Fall here meaning in the 70's, aka summer to some of you, lol!  It isn't quite sweater weather yet, but no AC running all day to ruin my Zoom meetings and sunroof open when I drive to Pure Barre is lovely.

Working from home is coming to an end very soon and I need to get serious about my masks as I only have one. I just have to wear one when I walk into Pure Barre and basically go nowhere else, that is why.  I am bad about cleaning it too, but now that Lindsay had this post about masks, I know I can just wash and dry them!  I got these beautiful new masks from Johnny Was.  There are 5 to a pack so I can have a new one every day and wash them on the weekend.  And now cute will they be for fall?

I have never really found a regular shampoo I have ever liked and just keep getting samples.  Kevin was commenting on the number of bottles in the shower and could not believe after all those samples, I didn't find one I could stick with.  Well guess what?  I finally did!  I tried the Better not Younger Wake up Call Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner and am hooked! My blow dry time was considerably less than usual.  My hair feels so soft, has so much volume, and it looked just as good the next morning when I woke up!  Like, as in, I didn't even have to brush it or flat iron it!  Worth every penny.

How good does this chocolate and peanut butter crunch cake look?  I have not done nearly enough quarantine baking and I didn't even make Kevin a cake for his birthday!  My mom has celiac, so I would need to adapt it for her birthday that is coming up, but man it looks good!

We again have nothing but football on tap this weekend.  Well, we may go fridge shopping.  I really don't want to spend the money!  Every morning when I wake up, the tops shelf has a puddle.  It is making the top shelf unusable and we cannot figure out how to fix it.  It is about 20 years old, so I guess it is time!  What do you look for in a fridge? I have never bought one before and it is so overwhelming!

Well there you have it.  I am having outdoor socially distanced lunch with some coworkers today and I cannot wait to see them.  Hope you have an amazing weekend!  What do you have on tap?

Happy Cooking!


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