Recapping the weekend-Fall weather and Fall birthdays!

Hi friends!  Happy new week. Hope you had a splendid weekend and the weather treated you nice.  I had a fun weekend of family time.  Let's get to a recap!

On Friday night, we had an unexpected date night with my sister and brother in law.  She texted that they had a night off from the kids and asked if we wanted to do dinner.  Of course we did! We headed over to Saint Germain for a before dinner drink.  Kevin and I always get the same drinks!  We got Manhattans.  Brother in law got a Moscow Mule and I forgot what her drink was.  We had never been here before, but we will be returning!

Then we headed next door to Red's Chinese for dinner.  I never knew they had an outside and we opted for that.  I loved the atmosphere!

We ate family style and there was nothing leftover.  It was a lovely meal!

We came home for a night cap on the porch and the neighbors alerted us that someone broke into Kevin's truck.  They broke both the driver's side windows, well tried to, the front one just has a crack.  It was right after we left and the neighbors stopped them.  It was still daylight!  How brazen.  I live on a very busy street and a safe neighborhood.  So crazy and I feel so bad for him!

Saturday was time for the third installment of porchgate.  I requested that we smoke a brisket this time.  We usually do chicken but I was craving meat!

That's a lot of fat!  I was over charged by a lot!

Coffee garlic rub from Trader Joes is the best!

The weather was so chilly we had to break out some of our camping clothes!  We had the windows open and festing in place with WWOZ for the Crescent City Blues and BBQ Festival that is usually this weekend.  It was just lovely.

My handsome grill master!

Since a brisket takes all day, we decided to make a snack.  All of those people making smoked queso on tic tok finally got to me!  

My sister took her two older kids to Lake Charles for a birthday party so my brother in law came over with sweet little Ruby for a visit!  She is just too cute.  She loved the windows!

Peek a boo!

Quality time with Bitsy!

Queso is ready!

Hours later, the brisket was too.  So delish!

On Sunday, we went across the lake to celebrate my grandmother's 90th birthday!  We pulled off the socially distanced party!  It was perfect weather again, so we were able to keep it outside.

The king and queen of the family!

Three of my nieces, who are the queens of my heart!

She got her own small cake so she could blow out the candles!

It was a lovely weekend and I did not want it tot end.  No football I cared about left a lot of time for other stuff.  How was your weekend?  Hope it was a good one!

Happy Cooking!


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