Recapping the Weekend-Baby Mardi Gras returns!

Hello friends!  Well after a two year hiatus, Mardi Gras is back!  And after a two year hiatus, my body is not ready!  I didn't do as much as I usually do this weekend.  The real stuff starts Wednesday and it will be jam packed until Fat Tuesday!  Here we go with a recap.

Let's step back to Thursday.  My friend Susana had a birthday and our book club went out to dinner to celebrate it at the yummy Vincent's.  We caught up as we had not seen each other in ages!  It was such a fun night!

Look how festive Kim is on the left!

I had chicken parmesan, it was sooo good!

On Friday, we got our first good meme of the season. 

Backstory:  People try to set up chairs and tents for the parades extremely early to save a spot when traffic has not been closed yet and the streetcars are still running.  The City has announced that in the interest of safety, you cannot set up more than four hours before a parade, and you cannot block intersections.  That means 2:00 pm on most days.  Well, Carnival Karen started setting up around 11 am on Friday.  The City confiscates whatever is out there before 2:00.  She encountered the crew picking stuff up, was irrationally livid -- and wanted to speak to the manager.  Here is a link to the video. You will know the cackle when you hear it. She should be embarrassed by her entitlement and I hope she was tipsy already with that tirade!
I stayed in on Friday night and washed my hair and got all my Mardi Gras gear ready.  I was going to try and meet up at the parades, but getting home from work at 5:30 and having to walk Bitsy just made that impossible.  I miss working from home!

On Saturday, we had the annual Krewe of Brunch.  It was my first time!  It is a group of ladies of all ages and friend groups who get together at Commander's Palace and have a jolly good time. There was a fixed price menu full of seafood, so I busted out my "shellfish allergy" to be able to eat. 

Our table.  Varying degrees of festive everywhere!

Our souvenirs!

Our other souvenirs were these lips, hysterical!

I had this beautiful salad instead of a crabmeat omelet.

And I had this lovely chicken instead of shrimp and grits.

We all had this ice cream sundae!

What a group!

We had to get a Sweet Swine O'Mine members picture!

After lunch, we mosied out to the parade route and ran into many friends we hadn't seen in ages.  It was an absolutely gorgeous day and it was just like the last time we had Mardi Gras.  I am sure another Covid surge is on the way now, lol.

Simon the artist was even out and about!

It was such a fun weekend and I even skipped Sunday!  I cleaned my house, prepped my lunch, washed clothes and sheets, grilled for dinner, and got ready for a full week of work and fun.  

Nothing like clean bedding!

Have you ever been to Mardi Gras?  How was your weekend?

Happy Cooking!


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