Recapping the weekend - Pigs and Pigskin

Hi friends!  Happy day we should have as a holiday as long as the superbowl is on a Sunday!  Seriously!  The superbowl and college football national championship should be on Saturday! Here we go with a recap. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!  We are having shortribs for dinner and saying goodbye this evening as Kevin is heading to work tomorrow in Texas.

On Friday, I left work and we got on the road to visit Kevin's family in Abbeville.  We had dinner at home with a nice home cooked meal by his momma and spent time catching up.

Saturday morning, we work up early to get to the cochon de lait they have every year.  That's a fancy word for pig roast.  There was a wall of casseroles, costumes and lots of king cake,

This doesn't do the apparatus justice!  It is quite an operation.

The wall of king cakes.

A plate of casseroles and pig!

Sunday was going to be a busy day, so we got up early to head home.  We picked up my youngest nieces, Alice and Ruby, and I brought them to the Broadway production of Frozen!  Kevin was so sweet to be our chauffeur! It is such a beautiful building!

My angels!

They could not get over the stars on the ceiling!

Frozen was so good! I actually have never seen the Frozen movie, believe it or not. I know the songs but not the story.  I cannot tell if the story deviated, but it had something for everyone, adults and kids alike.  I have a season pass to  Broadway in New Orleans and I just love it.  Haven't seen a bad show yet!

Kevin picked us up and we dropped them off in the suburbs and returned home.  We were going to go watch the big game somewhere, but decided against it as we needed to get ready for work this coming week.  I geared up and went and got my groceries for my lunches and our superbowl dinner.  I was cheering for Joe Burrow and Jamarr Chase because of LSU, but my aunt and cousins live in Cincinnati and I love the Queen City.  It was a no brainer to get this shirt!

I LOVED the halftime show!  Finally some music for us middle aged people who like to reminisce, lol!  I am so sad the Bengals didn't win.  But, I am happy for the guy with whom I took a math class at LSU, Andrew Whitworth (I really did, that shows how old he is, lol), and Odell Bechham, Jr for being LSU Tigers who got the ring.  And I think Matthew Stafford has been working towards this for so long and is well deserving.

We got a Wild Mike's pizza.  I don't eat frozen pizza like ever, but this was really good!  It game with packets of seasoning and red pepper flakes.  Everything is all natural and we were impressed with everything!

I loved the Alexa reading your mind commercial with Colin Jost and Scarlett Johanssen.  And the Sopranos throwback!  What were your faves? 

Hope you had a good weekend!

Happy Cooking,


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