Five for Friday! Can't believe it is Friday already!

Hey my happy campers!  Happy Friday.  This has been a short week but it has been a doozy! Vacation will do that to you!  I am linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites and Tif/Katie/Caitlin/Della for High Five for Friday  Here we go! Oh and by the way, none of the products I am featuring are affiliate links, I just really like them!


Sorry for the language (hee hee) but my damn phone! I have been holding on to a 5c forever and was waiting for that 7 to bite the bullet and get a new phone. So much (as usual) for my well laid plans. Thursday morning I got out of my car to be a good samaritan to my coworker who forgot his parking card and let him use mine. Hours later I was wondering where my phone was. I did find my iphone and it said it was at my building. I went to the welcome desk and she handed me back this:

Apparently the nice person that turned it in ran over it with her car.  I am sure every person who got there after I got there did too.  I went to the AT&T store to replace it and found out I was not an authorized user, even though I pay the bill.  I am now a proud authorized user and am heading there again this afternoon.  I am deciding between an SE or a 6.  I think I like my small phones and am going to go SE.  Any thoughts?


I have been getting up every morning and going to Pure Barre or yoga at 6 am instead of 7:15.  Wow I feel like a new woman!  I have more time in the morning, am not really missing the time in the evening and even feel like I get more done!  Do you work out? What is usually your best time to do it?

Beach hair! I loved this tutorial on how to make your own beach wave hair mist by Elle Sees and I am totally making that after I run out of this Ouai Wave Spray I got in my latest Rachel Zoe Box of Style. Holy cow it works great and I love the way it makes my hair look and feel. My sister and I used it at the beach and loved it! Check it out!
In other product love, I am loving this random score off Amazon. My Plastic surgeon friend was telling me I should use Vitamin C. I was scared to try a new product since my skin is so sensitive so I just decided to get a cheap natural thing and see how it worked. Holy Cow! I have been using it for a month and people keep asking me what I did to my skin. Check it out!

Packing your house and moving is the worst.  I have done it every July since 2005.  With one exception.  Why do I do such things in this heat!?  I am excited about the move and it becomes official the 23rd.  Can't wait to show off my new Shitty Kitchen.  This one may be a bit worse, but it does have a dishwasher and full size oven! The light in it is amazing, so if nothing else, my photography will improve!

I have a lazy weekend ahead which means purging and packing.  What do you have going on?  Have a great weekend!

Happy Cooking! 


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