Getting back to reality is hard (2016 Beach Trip Recap)

Hello!  I hope all of my readers had fantastic weekends.  Feels weird to recap on a Wednesday but that is how Summer goes!  I had a great time on my family beach trip.  It was too short, but that is probably because I went two less days than the rest of my family.  Not next year!

I made saltine crack ice cream sandwiches for dessert.  They did not turn out pretty, but the Nieces had a good time licking the chocolate spoon!

Little Sissy wants a turn!
I knocked out 1.5 books! We're all Damaged was funnier and better than it sounded and Sweetbitter is kind of making me feel like I have summer reading again. It's good but it is a hard read. I do love the food parts so much though!
Baby you're a firework!  The fireworks show was amazing this year! I was so impressed.  Not impressed by this picture though!
Leftovers make great breakfast!  Middle sissy made fajita bowls and we made them into a sort of huevos rancheros.  I wish I would have used the corn tortillas to make it official!
Baby Alice had a great time in her little pool!
This got the attention of the police and several teenagers.  It looked like something I would have enjoyed...20 years ago!
Triple pyramid!
We went to The Gulf and had piggyback races!
Then we had our annual tradition of a birthday party for Sophie's stuffed animal, Mo.  Everyone brought a stuffed friend and my cousin made chocolate cake!
Cousins sharing a gatorade, how cute!
Last sunset on the porch, I wish I never had to leave!
It was a fun filled time of family, wine, beach games and yummy food.  We have been going pretty much every year as long as I can remember and I hope we never stop!  Back with the food tomorrow! Hope you have a great day!

Happy Summer!


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