When life hands you lemons, you make...quesadillas? (How to makeOutback leftovers taste better)

No offense to Outback, but they really aren't making as tasty food as I remember.  Not that I am a frequenter of it these days as I don't really live close to one and there are like a million new restaurants in New Orleans to try these days.  I went to meet my new beautiful niece at the hospital last week and went to dinner with my parents after.  My mom loves her a chain and we ended up at Outback. I was kind of excited to relive my fond memories of it in college, it was by far the fanciest restaurant we frequented.  I had some overpriced cheap wine and some filet medallions with veggies. I filled up on salad and their still very yummy ranch so I had a bit of leftovers. My day a few days later turned out to be a bit of a shit show and then my dinner plans got canceled so I decided to take advantage of the leftovers. I did not want to relive them in their actual form as it wasn't my fave the first time. As you may know I always have corn tortillas laying around  so I decided to make quesadillas! Full disclosure, quesadillas, like stir fry, are two basic (are those basic?) skills I have never been able to master.  I thought I would cheat with my beloved grill pan.

The leftover meat and veggies, salsa, tortillas, jalapeno and cheddar 
Chopped and shredded and ready to assemble.
Brush one side of each tortilla with oil.  I did this and photographed
with the same hand by the way (pats self on back)

Assemble your quesadilla

Put it in a pan over medium high heat and place a heavy lid on top.  Flip after 5 minutes on each side.
Add a little salsa, or sour cream or avocado or nothing!
A blogging tip, always make two, you are bound to mess up one!
I don't always keep my pantry stocked with staples as I live alone and am on a strict debt diet budget, but being creative will keep you well fed and from spending money!  My day was crazy but it ended up just great because of these quesadillas and a glass of wine!  Hope yours did as well!

Happy Cooking!


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