Tequila makes everything taste better (cucumber strawberry margaritas)

I promised you Strawberry Cucumber Margaritas yesterday and here I am delivering.  If you know me, you know I am not a huge fan of cukes. (neither is my dad, so I blame it on him)  The have been really growing on me lately.  Usually not by themselves, but paired with a creole tomato and italian dressing or strawberry and tequila, they aren't so bad!

I had leftover strawberry and cucumber from spring roll making and as you know I cannot let anything go to waste!  My pal Jambalaya Girl had us over for game night and the bonfire Saturday night and I decided to bring these margaritas to make us feel more normal watching a bonfire in semi summer weather.  They were a hit.  And made playing Heads Up even more fun!  I wanted a recipe that was simple and natural and would use up what I had.  I found the perfect recipe in Rick Bayless' Farmer's Market Margarita.  I changed it up a little as usual, but followed it pretty closely.  Next time I want to make a spicy one or perhaps copy the Pineapple Cilantro one they have at El Gato Negro. Well let's give it a whirl, full recipe after the montage! Linking up with the crew from Meal Plan Monday, check out all the great recipes!

The ingredients.  I left out the juice of one satsuma that I added later for fun.
I made my limeade the night before. My Pampered Chef pitcher makes it so much easier!
Only took 6 shots to get this pic!  Getting better!
If only all juicing was this easy!
In a million years I never thought I would be making cucumber juice on purpose!  What's next? Pickles?  Mayo?  Or even, gasp, shrimp???
Wash the ninja a little and then puree some strawberries.

Looks so delish, I could eat it with a spoon!
Mix in the cucumber juice, strawberry puree, tequila and a little satsuma juice in with your limeade.
Et voila or whatever that is in Spanish!  So freaking good!

Strawberry and Cucumber Margaritas

1 and 1/2 cup fresh lime juice (I used bottled, but feel free to juice!)
3/4 cup  sugar
2 cups water
3 cups Tequila of your choice
3 cups pureed strawberries
3/4 cup cucumber juice (peel and cube fresh cucumber and puree in a blender)

Combine lime juice, sugar and water in a glass or plastic pitcher. Cover and refrigerate for at least 2 hours (but no longer than 24 hours). Add the tequila, strawberry puree and cucumber juice. Mix well and serve chilled with a squeeze of a lime!

Happy Drinking!


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