Recapping the weekend and looking ahead (Dec. 7-13)

What a great weekend! Friday was a lipstick event at my friend Katie's Makeup studio. No pics as I was using my hands to shop, try lipstick and drink wine! And you know my photography skills aren't the best, but I'm starting to blame that on my camera!

Saturday after Pure Barre and some cleaning, Ginger and I went out to enjoy the beautiful weather at Little Flea Nola to visit our friend Maureen that we affectionately call "Pottery Bern"

I almost didn't feel cool enough to be there!
Some of pottery Bern's cool stuff!  I got a couple of Christmas presents!
Ginger did not want to leave my lap.  We were supposed to take a pic with Santa, but apparently he was hungover and couldn't make it...
I had never seen this food truck, but love the name!
Always love Frenchees! French fries and grilled cheese, what's not to love!?
Appealed to my inner 80's child
Saturday night went over to Jambalaya Girl's House for the bonfire.  My camera sucks at night, this was the 40th take
Such a great view of the city.  Again my camera!
This one isn't so bad.
Light it up!  The fire department was there just in case.
Here we go!  
Didn't last very long, but cool.
The tree was designed by some people that go to burning man.  Very cool.  The star at the top spun when it was lit!

We had some of Jambalaya Girl's gumbo that will be available online very soon.  It is a mix, and so tasty!  I made Cucumber Strawberry Margaritas which will appear tomorrow and also brought Trader Joe's Chicken Cilantro wontons.  They were a hit! We played Heads Up and I got injured from a friend trying to show the charades version of a gymnast.  She got my arm and it still hurts like a banshee, Pure Barre was hard today!

Today was a baby shower with some yummy italian food and catch up time with some great old friends!  I wish we could all go back to college and hang out all the time!

This week on the blog you will see those margaritas, a yummy cake, another pizza fail and some breakfast for dinner.  I will be making meatloaf and repurposing which you will see soon!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Full foodie post tomorrow!
Happy Sunday!


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