Jingle Bell Lunch! (Delta Gamma gals at Brennan's)

I was a Delta Gamma in college.  I met some great ladies and also got to be in the same sorority as two of my best friends and my sister.  I don't know how I would have survived my time in Austin as well as the first few weeks after my breakup without Delta Gamma alums, they are sisters in the truest sense of the word. One of my DG pals is pregnant and we had her baby shower a few weeks before Christmas.  We concocted a plan there to do a Jingle Bell Lunch!

A jingle bell lunch is just having a fancy lunch at any of the Brennan's family of restaurants during December.  You get a jingle bell to wear and be festive.  Each restaurant has a different color string attached to it, with Brennan's having pink for being known as the "Big Pink" and Commander's Palace having aqua to match it's famous facade.  We all wanted to do commanders, but my hectic morning of work the day we chose and the fact that others had to pick up kids from school made that impossible with their availability.  We decided to do Brennan's.  

Weirdly enough, for growing up in the suburbs with chain loving parents, I feel like I grew up on Brennan's.  The mother of one of my childhood friends was the General Manager of the restaurant when we were growing up.  She would come home with trays of food all the time and we growing children and teenagers happily wolfed it down.  It has recently changed hands and got a new chef, so I was excited to get in and try it! 

Me and the girls! 
I  wanted Holidays in the Quarter, but you could only get the drinks up to the day you were there. 

Courtney brought decorations!
My Jingle Bell! 
Courtney also made us festive headbands!  It is amazing she had time to do this, she has a newborn!
I ended up with a 10 lords a leapin.  It tasted a bit medicinal.  I like Gin so it must have been the other stuff that made it taste that way.
We ordered New Orleans BBQ Lobster for the table as an appetizer.  We all only got a bite.  That sauce was amazing!  The lobster was so tender.
I had the Frisee al Lardon.  That poached egg yolk was so pretty I didn't want to break it.  Cornbread croutons and duck ham were divine.  Awesome flavor combinations.
Courtney got the baked apple as the first course in her Brennan's breakfast.  Looked and smelled amazing!  I had to dip out for a work call so I couldn't taste.
I got the Chicken Bonne Femme.  It was really delicious.  That sauce was great.  The chicken was juicy.  I am never afraid to order chicken at a restaurant!
I hate the blurriness of the picture! This is the Eggs Cardinal.   
Eggs Sardou.  Very yummy!
To die for creme brulee.  It was so tasty!
This is the Black Forest cake.  It was so rich.  The pregnant one ordered this of course!
It was a lovely long lunch with some lovely ladies.  We decided to make it a tradition!  We also planned to do our next lunch during Mardi Gras season.  Awesome people watching for sure!

Hope your holidays were festive and fun and filled with family!

Happy Cooking!


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