The end of the long year that was 2015

This is a rare non food post on My Shitty Kitchen.  Hope you enjoy.

This year was quite a roller coaster.  While the biggest standout of the year to me was the demise of the relationship with the man I thought I was going to marry and my world being turned upside down as a result thereof, it was actually an awesome year and I learned so much from my big standout event.  
I am so grateful that:

I started Pure Barre

Just waiting on my belated 250 club shirt now!
I lost 11 pounds because of hard work
I started this blog
I made some awesome new dishes.
I went to Puerto Rico

Where's my selfie stick?  Jajaja

I made a plan and am on my way to being debt free (except for those pesky student loans)
I remained an ex smoker despite some relapses
I experienced a ton of personal growth
I read more

I got to welcome a beautiful new niece into the world

Miss Alice Rosalie, family names rock!

I saw 4 of my favorite bands live (One of them twice!)
I was on a fabulous team that raised about $12,000.00 for families dealing with pediatric brain cancer

My family members all had a bad moment of their own this year.  2005 was no peach with Katrina,  2015 was a distant second and really needed to move along.  We toasted the end of 2015 and the new start of 2016 a little early with some Dom Perignon on Christmas Eve.

The Mike Quigley Family 2015

I plan on figuratively (or heck if I am feeling frisky, literally) burning my 2015 resolutions tonight on New Year's Eve because most don't apply anymore and making new ones to set myself up for a spectacular 2016. This is what we all must do, adapt and grow in the face of adversity, change or plain old time. The main thing I have remembered and leaned on throughout this year is the constants in my life. I have some fantastic friends and family, a great job, a quirky sweet little pup and live in the best city in the world. None of that changed from 2014 to 2015, except now I have a shitty kitchen and have made even more great friends. If I am not lucky then there is no luck to be had.

I thank all of my 10's of readers for supporting me in this journey of blogging and I hope to grow it a bit more and even make a little money.  And maybe even inspire someone to do their own.  I was inspired to do this as a result of a google search for what a pure barre class was really like almost a year ago. (I also bought the plie tights in that post right away!) So grateful for that and so many other things! What are you grateful for from 2015?  Let me know in the comments.  Seriously, do it, there's only 10's of readers so you won't be that embarrassed!

Happy 2016!

Missy and Ginger

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