Recap of the weekend and looking ahead (january 25-31)

Friday I started off the weekend right at lunch with a wet burrito from Juan's Flying Burrito. I treated myself for a reason! Dinner plans that night...
And yes, I ate the whole thing.
For dinner, a group of book club gals went to Seed for dinner.  It is a vegan restaurant.  As a former vegan (for all of two weeks, it was hard!) I can appreciate it.  We had the trio of dips and southern fried tofu nuggets for an appetizer.  All were great.  I got the chili and a zuchini salad for my entree.  It was good! But I missed meat kind of.
Clockwise from top: Hummus, puttanesca, creole cashew cream cheese, buffalo sauce.
We went for drinks at Barrel Proof  after and encountered a very unfortunate passed out drunk man. I'm not sure if you can tell what is in his mouth, but it was a makeshift cigarette.  We made his friends remove it...after we posed for a pic!

You can't smoke in here, seriously!
Saturday was double duty with a family friendly boat parade in Slidell at my friend Liz's waterfront property.
It was a beautiful day, but so cold!
The theme was games, this was the only one that wasn't of the board variety.
Then it was the raunchy Krewe Du Vieux after at my friend Jacque's. With the uber surge pricing I took a $50 ride there that normally costs $8! Should have thought about that one! They were so spot on with the satire. I can't share much as a lot of it was worse than the name of this blog, if you know what I mean...

They were spot on with this one!
Today I went to yoga for my friend Jen's first "real" class she taught and got my much needed namaste on! It was a donation based class and all proceeds went to the Africa Yoga Project! What a score! I get to feel good and help others to do the same that can't with their own means!

Next week look for some yummy Superbowl recipes, all delicious and out of the ordinary.  This week is also a milestone with a post to celebrate.  Also starting tomorrow I am going to start publishing my posts in the morning, but still doing the Facebook and Instagram in the evening.  I feel this will be a good change, what do you think?  Also I will be adding a new Friday mostly not food feature!  

Hope you all have a great week!  What did you get up to?

Happy Cooking!


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