Starting off 2016 organized, refreshed and prepared!

Hello Everyone and Happy New Year!  I spent this weekend at home (except for Pure Barre of course!) and got myself ready to start off with a clean slate, or at least continuing the one I started in July.  I cleaned the you know what out of my kitchen and bathroom, ruining my gel mani in the process.  I also picked up all my Christmas decorations and brought out the Mardi Gras ones a little early.  It's only 3 days until 12th night so I thought it was okay. I treated myself saturday night to a roasted chicken and a binge of Making a Murderer.  Are y'all watching this?  Story is insane, I highly recommend! I also make some chicken stock out of the roast chicken carcass since I was out of it.  You can find my method here.

But that isn't all this stir crazy overachiever did...

I made a craft I had my eye on for awhile.  And please don't think I am a full time wino, I've been saving these corks for years and through living in two states.  I was happy to finally put them to use!  I still have a ton though...Maybe I will make that bathmat!

I decided to do them wine stained side out.  
All you need is some chipboard letters from a craft store, a hot glue gun and wine corks! 
So cute and festive!
I also decided to give my skin a treat since the weather has been so wonky and I've been working so hard.   I made this mask I found over on Elle's blog for exhausted and stressed skin.  I needed it!  My face felt so clean and refreshed after.  Best part?  It's all natural and you can eat it!

Greek yogurt, pumpkin and honey.  Visit her blog for exact amounts 
Mix together 
And apply for 20 minutes.
 I also made some pumpkin molasses cookies from the leftover pumpkin.  Those will be heading to work to tempt everyone's resolutions!

I also started planning out my big birthday road trip and my cooking/blogging/pure barre schedule for the month with my prized possession, my Erin Condren Life planner.  If you don't have one you are missing out!  It keeps me so organized and inspired! And she didn't pay me to say this, I truly love it!

I went with pineapples this year.  I am so happy 2016 is here so I only have to carry one!
The snap in meal planner dashboard is my jam
I keep track of what I am cooking, what I am blogging about, what blog posts I have in my wheelhouse and when I am going to pure barre
Yes, I am that much of a planner, I have three of them!
If you haven't purchased a planner for 2016 yet or just want one now, please use this link to get $10 off!

Alright I am off to watch another Making a Murderer episode, get ready for the Downton Abbey premiere and figure out what is for dinner.  Yes I didn't plan something for once!  This week on the blog you will get a random menagerie of things as you see above.  I am eating a detox salad and trying to figure out how to make zoodles without a zoodle maker since the one I got for Christmas is crap and going back.  Any ideas?  How was your weekends?  Productive?  Social?  Lazy?  Whatever way you spent it I hope it was great!

Happy Cooking!


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