Bucket List Trip Recap Part 1

Hi friends! Long time no talk.  I have been a traveling fool as I warned you.  I got back yesterday from my bucket list trip to Chicago, Milwaukee and Green Bay to see LSU play Wisconsin, visit Chicago and Milwaukee for the first time, see the Cubs in person and go to Eataly! I will be on a serious diet this week with all the yumminess that was had on the trip.  It was so long and fun, I will break it into two parts, before the sad game and after.  Man, the football team looked terrible!  Who cares, the trip was worth it!

All we needed was charcuterie.
My pal Melissa and me got into Chicago late and walked over to Quartino's from our hotel to have a very late dinner.  We got the Salumeria Sampler and for $25 we got all you see above.  The highlights were the Carne Salada (shaved corned beef), the Taleggio cheese and the artichokes campobosso.  It was all delicious.  As was my cocktail, the Supersamic: Hendrick's Gin, Fragoli Wild Strawberry Liqueur, Smacked Basil, Balsamic, Salt & Pepper.  The strawberry and basil together was music to my tastebuds!

We both woke up early and got in some exercise, she ran the riverfront and I went to a platform class at Pure Barre Chicago River North.  The studio was so cute, the instructor was fabulous and it got my energy and mindset ready to tackle as much of Chicago as we could before 5 pm.
The water in Chicago can't really be that color!
Representing that Purple and Gold!

The Wilco towers! (I'm a big Wilco fan, I had to even though something else is in the pic)
We planned to eat on a rooftop but had sushi and salads at Remington's instead because we were too hangry for the 90 minute wait.  Maybe those workouts were a bad idea...
The Bean!  So fun!
Eataly!  Oh my, I loved it.  I wish I could have brought more home!

Then we took the train to Milwaukee.  A full on trains, planes and automobiles experience.

We arrived in Milwaukee and it was filled with Tiger fans!  Purple and gold clothing was everywhere.  And Milwaukee was ready for us.  Our hotel had a complimentary beer tasting!  We were going to meet some friends later for drinks who were later in their travels so we got a bite to eat.  At apparently one of the hottest new restaurants in Milwaukee, Tre Rivali!  It was so delicious!

I got the Heritage Pork Chop with Creamy parmesan polenta, pork confit, roasted fennel and  garlic jus.  The pork chop, jus, fennel and polenta were amazing.  The pork confit was unnecessary.
My dining companion got Coriander Crusted Whole Roasted Branzino with Gazpacho relish and fingerling potatoes.  Mine was better.
We got tomatoes and burrata too.  Burrata is life.
Met up with some Tiger friends for some Spotted Cows.  Y'all this beer is so good!
We had to have some cheese curds!
I need this the next morning for the ride to Lambeau.  Randomly got assigned to be on the same bus as the ex.  #awkward!
The Badgers fans were so nice and shared their beer pong table and beers.
It was such a beautiful day!
We mingled and tailgated with all kinds of fans.  
I got a Spotted Cow in a can!!
Little did this man know, he was foreshadowing.
Game time bitches!
Lambeau Field is incredible, as were our seats, and the weather.  It was the perfect setting.
And you're gonna hear me roar!
We were winning when they announced attendance at least!
This sad little Tiger had some wine in a plastic cup while waiting for another awkward bus ride home.  We had to occupy ourselves for 4 hours until the busses left.  Brett Favre Steakhouse ran out of Grey Goose in the meantime!

We did not win the game, but the day was a success overall.  I got to see my Tigers play (albeit, badly) in Titletown in excellent weather, met some amazing people and ran into so many old friends!  Tune in tomorrow for a recap of the fun times in Milwaukee!  If you have not been there, you will be surprised at how great this little gem of a City is!

Happy Cooking!


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