Recapping the Weekend- French Quarter Fest

Hi friends!  Happy New Week!  I am writing this before dinner and Game of Thrones so I can concentrate on those!  It was such a beautiful weekend of weather, festing, friends, cardio and reading.  I did not get many pics but here is a recap nonetheless!

On Friday, I walked after work to meet my friends and their husbands for Friday festing.  I made the mistake of wearing my cute leopard Dolce Vita for Target flat sandals instead of tennis shoes.  This was a big mistake for the 20,000 steps I got in walking back and forth as I learned later.  No pics, but trust we had a great time!

On Saturday, I woke up and met some friends for YOD class at Free to Be Yoga.  It is a power yoga practice combined with high intensity interval training (HIIT).  Oh, and the room was heated to 90 degrees.  I sweat out all the beers and food I had the day before!

I ran home after to get showered and dressed to head over to Algiers for Jambalaya Girl's little boy's first birthday party before we all went to fest.   Traffic is nuts during French Quarter fest, especially since I live relatively close to the Quarter so I decided to rent a bike...but I was foiled!

Not a bike to be had!

Instead, I called a Lyft and of course missed my scheduled ferry ride with my friends.  Instead I waited for the next one and made friends with some tourists.

A view of the riverfront stages

I hadn't done this since the weekend I moved out of the original My Shitty Kitchen!
We celebrated little man's birthday over Jambalaya, of course, and then headed back on the ferry to the Fest!

We second lined to the ferry with strollers and bikes and beers, oh my!
The birthday boy!  What a cute little man!

We popped a blanket and everyone loved all the kiddos!
A cold front was heading through, so I rode a bike home and hunkered down with Silver Girl by Elin Hildebrand.  I devoured the whole book.  It was not my favorite of hers, but I still enjoyed it!  I will be trading it in at the Library for another one of hers as usual. And I iced the shine splints my walking on Friday caused me.  Getting old is hard!

That big wine in the background is coming to the Mountains for Memorial Day!

Sunday was Pure Empower, cleaning with all the doors open and meal prep.  And then Game of Thrones, finally!

It was a nice weekend and I am so glad the weather cooled off. It was too early for the 80's!  How was your weekend?  What was your highlight?

Happy Cooking!


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