Five for Friday

Happy Friday my dears!  This was a long week and I am ready for a great weekend!  I hope you have some fun planned!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday favorites.  Here we go!


I am loving my Photography Class, but man do I feel so dumb!  I had no idea so much went into taking great pictures.  Well I kind of did from reading all of Amanda's awesome tutorials, but I was told there would be no math!  It is so inspiring though and making me get out of my comfort zone and take pictures of things other than food.  Here were two I took at Crescent Park last weekend.

I needed to get rid of that bottom right corner!  We are not allowed to edit yet!

I loved the shadows in this one!


It is Carnival time for realz!  Tomorrow night is Krewe du Vieux!  It is a satirical and raunchy parade that loves to skewer politicians...I am sure they have plenty of material to work with this year!  I was going to add some photos from earlier years but decided not to do that as they were a bit profane. This is a family blog, despite the profanity in the name!


We had a very successful Happy Hour fundraiser for my Sweet Swine of Mine team for Hogs for the Cause yesterday!  It is so nice to raise money to fight pediatric cancer just by drinking at Happy Hour!  The awesome Rusty Nail generously donated 20% of all sales and let us cook Jambalaya and keep the proceeds. All on game night!  It was a great time had by all!


Oh buffalo chicken fries how I loved you!
Saveur knew what they were doing when they sent me an article entitled How to Buffalo everything! I cannot wait to add more recipes to my collection!


PSA everyone.  Mental health issues are real and common.  This article says if you never suffer from them, then you are actually the weird one!  I struggled with depression for a long time and have anxiety here and there and it is the worst. But it gets better!  It takes work for most of us to be a well adjusted adult sometimes and there is no shame in that game!  Talk to your friends, see a therapist, read self help books (but not too many), get the tough love from Mark Manson (warning, his website is a Friday afternoon rabbithole).  No one is 100% happy all the time, but if you are feeling down, talk it out, many of us have been there.

Well that is what I have for you.  What are you getting into this weekend?  Stay warm northern friends!

Happy Cooking!


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