Giving up on football and prepping for the week (Nov. 23-29)

Happy Sunday!  I don't mean the title that much.  I am a Louisiana football girl for life but this season has retaught me to not let my Tigers and Saints performance affect my happiness and mood.  Luckily the Saints were off this week and my fantasy team is cruising to a victory.

Friday I went to my high school Chapelle and had cocktails in the courtyard.  So glad I got to see my three best pals and all the other girls from my class and other classes who make me smile.  We had quite the time and there were lots of splits done by all the Pure Barre girls.  It really works! 

Me and my girls looking unlike we've been out of high school 18 years! Where does the time go?!
Saturday was nothing but football and a failure recipe that will still make it to the blog. The Tigers really stunk it up, but that and the rainy weather combined to make me very productive at home. Sunday was cousin funday as my cousin was in visiting from California!  I made a hella delicious brunch recipe that will appear in a recap post.  It was so cold outside but that and the love between us all warmed us up on the inside!

This week on the blog you will be treated to my momma's red beans, some smothered okra and other comforting deliciousness to get your tummy stretched out for Thanksgiving.  I am making homemade chicken noodle soup as we speak while making a crock pot recipe for lunch.  I'll also be making an old favorite this week that cost me the tip of my finger the first time I made it.  I will be making sweet potatoes for Turkey Day as well, I will post that soon but not before Thursday so you'll have to bookmark it for next year!

Happy Sunday y'all!  Full post tomorrow!


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