Recapping the weekend and prepping for the week (November 16-20)

How is it almost Thanksgiving?!  This year has flown by. I had a fabulous weekend in this fall weather that has unfortunately left already.  Lots of horrible football and good times! Hope everyone else had a good one.  I forgot to post this yesterday as I was socializing quite a bit and I am not feeling so hot so you get it today.   Anyone else got the sore throat that is going around?

Friday I went to meet some people at my usual haunt, the Rusty Nail.  I decided to take an Uber to be safe as there would be some drinking.  I had the worst driver ever.  You New Orleans friends know she was out to scam me with this route!

Seriously??? Claiborne is your friend, uber driver!

Saturday I made another one of my famous chopped challenges! I won't bore you with a full post on it, but suffice it to say it was delish! Hawaiian pizza scramble!

Clockwise, ham, egg, tomato, jalapeno, cheese, pineapple #pineapplebelongsonpizza

I also think I cured my annoying fruit fly problem...

Take that wine loving jerks! I blurred because I'm not a good photographer to protect the innocent
The method:  A layer of dish soap (about 1/4 an inch) in a ramekin and then cover with apple cider vinegar.  It is smelly but it works!

This week on the blog you will enjoy a random smorgasbord of items. Including low carb crock pot pizza, a double duty post of two dips, a vegan meal that will have you saying I can't believe it's vegan and a vegetarian brunch with similar results!  In real life I am cooking up some good old comfort food you will see real soon!  I am making Sweet Potato Casserole for Thanksgiving, I wish I could make it ahead of time and put it on the blog before next week, but I just feel that won't make it taste as good coming out of the freezer. What are you all making for thanksgiving?  Or ordering :)

Happy New week y'all!  Full post up tomorrow!

Happy Cooking!


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