Prepping for the week (November 2-8)

How on earth is it November already? I can't believe they cancelled voodoo fest today, it barely rained! I did use the time wisely to watch the saints game and get some bread dough started. The two days I got at the fest were great! Please excuse the wonkiness of this post, my wifi is out and I'm on my phone.
Metric was awesome

Jane's Addiction was interesting.

Santigold was great and gave out donuts!

Ozzy was pretty good, kind of sad because he looked so old. 

I just love live music, especially a festival! I wish I would have taken pics of my fest food but the rain and my appetite got in the way! I wish my fest friends forever and I could have done it today but I guess it was for the best! 

This week I am making some good stuff like homemade bread that will appear later but the blog will be filled with noting but comfort food this week! 

Hope you all had great weekends! I got some time with the cuties again! And a who day victory!

Happy cooking!


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