Dark and Romantic, but not in that way (A cousin dinner at Cavan)

Cavan is around the corner from my previous home and it took FOREVER to open.  I used to walk pass the large Victorian once a home turned day spa that would become Cavan wondering when it would open so we I could walk over and sit at the bar.  Well it took so long I moved away! I had been hearing great things since it finally opened and I wanted to get in there sooner than later!  When I learned we would have some cousins in town for the family reunion, I knew I had my chance to get a group in there so I could try several things.

I swear I edited these photos to make them less dark but I guess they didn't go through or maybe they were just that dark to begin with. It is no fun photographing food in the dark with your super old iPhone (I still have a 5c) when you hate the flash.   But doesn't matter, this was one of my favorite meals in a while.

I went with my two sisters, two cousins in from Los Angeles and one of my cousins that lives here in town.  I had to work late so I missed cocktail hour, but they all raved.  The wine was great, it was a Pinot Noir that drank like a Cabernet but pleased the Pinot lovers.  I tried everything but the scallops (not my fave) and everything was so delicious.  The menu is simple and varied and just damn good. The atmosphere is great, still looks like an old house, dark and Victorian, great music and very cool.
Local peeps, this is a winner!  If you have not been yet, put it on your list!  I again give my disclaimer of my old phone taking these pics, this does not do the food justice!

The is the roasted tomato toast with goat cheese and bacon marmalade.  It had arugula too although that was not listed on the menu.  We were so hungry I could only take a pic of the last bite!
This is the gulf tuna carpaccio with avocado crema, cucumber and spicy soy.  Holy cow this was delicious.  I could have eaten a whole plate of it.  The spicy soy was addictive and the crema balanced it so well.
My pal Maureen who I affectionately call "Pottery Bern" made all the plates!
Here are the Seared scallops with jalapeƱo-white cheddar grits, sweet corn, crab and arugula that I did not try. My cousin said they were very delicious.
Three people at the table got the Duck with puff pastry, citrus cane gastrique and bacon creamed greens.  It was really yummy, the puff pastry was so interesting.  It was a bit of a more wintery meal for the hot summer, but so yummy regardless.

My local cousin got the whole fish with giardiniera & citrus.  This was really different due to the brine of the veggies.  I love a whole fish and this did not disappoint!  

My pork chop, pepper jelly, cebollitas and sweet potatoes.  This pic was so hard to load I am mad at it.  The dish was really good.

This wine was so good! Looks like you can only buy it for home consumption in New York or DC.
I don't remember what we paid for it, but that is a good price!
We got the daily layer cake.  Chocolate with peanut butter ganache.  It was delicious.

They gave us some macaroons as well with the bill!  Perfect way to end the meal.

It was such a delightful meal with great company.  We had such a good time we walked down to Bouligny Tavern for two more bottles of wine a nightcap.  I love living in New Orleans so much, and I know that I am so lucky to have so many great restaurants to try on a regular basis.  If it weren't for Pure Barre, I'd weigh a lot more!

Happy Cooking!


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