Five for Friday

Hey friends!  How are you? Happy Friday! This one got here fast for me despite working about 12 hours Tuesday making up for vacation. Hope you have something fun planned for the weekend!

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I am participating in the 2016 New Orleans Eat local Challenge.  I plan on lots of time at Hollygrove Market to get my local stuff.  I signed up for the lenient level since I  was delayed getting back from my trip to the Mountains and had to improvise this week and am traveling at the end of the month.  In addition,  I drink almond milk everyday and the Spinach at Costco is just too good to pass up!  I also need to make room for...


The Chain Gang! Some friends, who like me, grew up in the 'burbs eating at chain restaurants as children and now never do it as spoiled good eating New Orleanians have started a club that we visit one chain every other month as voted upon by a doodle poll.  Saturday we are going to the Cheesecake Factory. I have never been in my life!  I tried to peruse the menu online but got overwhelmed.  Tell me what to order!


My sweet baby sissy got me a Yeti Rambler for my birthday.  How did I live before this? Not only does it do an amazing job of keeping things cold (haven't tried hot yet) it is also such a conversation piece everywhere I go.  People tell me stories of how long things stay hot (apparently a trip from New Orleans to Alexandria is no match for the Yeti!) and cold ("like two damn days!") in it.  I also got myself a decal coming to make it stand out since everyone, even my three year old niece, has one!


This is SO DAMN TRUE.  Being newly 37 and kind of newly single and still holding out for a husband AND kids is sometimes a little hard to manage, especially when other people inquire, judge and give unsolicited advice. Dating at this age sucks, my clock is a ticking and a little over a year ago I thought I was getting engaged instead of heading for singledom, and sometimes I get a little down about it. I did on my birthday and this article made me remember it is not just me (although sometimes it feels that way!) and cheered my fabulous self up.  I have such a full life regardless and that is all I need!

The ziplining and looking this good for 37 didn't hurt my mood either ;)


What do y'all think about this Gorilla situation?  I don't know what to make of it, I am so conflicted.  I can't bring myself to watch the whole video.  I have so many questions, beginning with, how the heck did that kid get down there?!  Tell me what you think!


Happy 11th Anniversary to my sister and brother in law.  Feels like yesterday, yet so long ago, I have no digital pics of it!

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Hope you have fantastic weekends that feel as long as this week did!  See you on Monday!

Happy Eating!


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