Five for Friday W words

Happy Friday! I had a long week of work and fun and I am half assing this post, as in I drafted ahead and didn't add to it, sorry! I am ready for the weekend!  Linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites and Tif for five for friday

I'm published!  Well I have technically been "published" before on Westlaw, but y'all, I am in a cookbook!  I went to the Creole Tomato Soiree Wednesday night and received a copy of the book and was recognized by the French Market.  Now granted, I am their lawyer so that may have had something to do with it, but who cares, how fun!


I am going to see St. Lucia Saturday night with my music besties!  I cannot wait.  Have you heard of them.  The above song is my current fave of theirs.


I had to make a trip to Baton Rouge this week to pick up some files for work.  I also managed to sneak in a Trader Joe's run, lunch at Newk's, and a massage with my favorite masseuse.  Holy Heck Newk's gives you a lot of food!  I could only eat half and wished I could take it home!


I've got the travel bug.  Not for my trip to Orlando in a few weeks or for my family beach trip  the week after.  I mean like far away trip.  I watched Rick Steves on PBS the other night and he was in Amsterdam and Prague.  I did most of the things he did in Amsterdam, but never went to Prague or Germany where my daddy was born, and always regret that.  Then I see this article that there will be a direct flight to Germany from New Orleans next year!  I feel like a trip needs to be planned! I haven't been to Europe in 12 years, it is time!


I have no five.  Vacation, work, moving, car logistics and whosits and whatnots have caused me to use these words to occupy five.  



Happy Cooking!


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