Five For Friday-The one before the travel whirlwind

Hey y'all happy Friday!  I am linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites and Tif/Katie/ Caitlin/Della for High Five for Friday!  Hope your week was short and your weekend is long!  This is my last relaxing weekend before my whirlwind of travel that is the next few weeks.  Here we go!


My poor beloved Baton Rouge.  I spent 8 great years there in undergrad, law school and the 6 horrible months after Katrina and I cannot believe the flooding that has happened there this past week.  I donated some money and goods.  If you have the money and or the heart to help please do. Here  is a list of ways you can help!

Or get this cool shirt from my pals at Dirty Coast.  


What is your opinion on driverless cars?  I saw this article on driverless ubers becoming a thing and just totally had a thought rabbithole of crisis.  It feels so tomorrowland and sterile and i just do not like it.  One of my favorite things is cruising in my Audi in manual mode and talking to my Uber and Lyft drivers when I take one and learning some new stuff.  You can pry these things out of my cold dead hands, future!


The title of this article made me spit my water out.  Holy cow, how funny!?


I am so excited to get my Rachel Zoe Fall Box of Style!  I have been charged so the wait is on!  The hero item has been revealed, this awesome cape!

It has a value of $197 and the whole Box only costs $100! So all the other items, which are sure to be great, are free!  Have you done the Box of Style?  If you are interested, you can sign up here.  

Fun weekend ahead for me, I'll be back Monday to recap.  What are you up to?  Hope it is a great one!

Happy Cooking!


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