When you read a book about wine, it leads to a raucous Book club (Sweetbitter and wine pairing)

As I have told you before I am in two book clubs.  One where we are super organized and read "real" books in between months of non-book reading activities.  And then we have my other one.  Where we pick fun books and throw a raucous party to celebrate that we read.  This post is about that book club.

Our sweet friend Annie is moving to Asheville for a new adventure so we had a goodbye party for her in addition to discussing our latest book, Sweetbitter.  The book was meh, we all agreed, but the food and wine described therein dragged all of us foodies to finish it despite the fact that we all hated the characters and writing style.  

It was Annie's turn to host, but since she was technically homeless that day with all her stuff in a Uhaul, we skipped her and went to my pal Laura's instead.  Laura probably deserves to have a food blog more than I do, she used to run her own catering company and is an excellent cook.  She decided to play on the theme of the book and make us a lovely light four course meal and pair it with wines. It was delicious.  And so was the food.  I was home and in bed by 7 pm.  This helped me avoid the epic hangover the others had the following day.  Let's check it out!

We had really high hopes for this book.  We also were lucky to have a World Atlas of Wine on hand that was so prevalent throughout the book.
Katie and I were Tory Burch twinsies!
How cute is Laura!?  She prepped for this way in advance.
First course was lemon ricotta pancetta and asparagus bruschetta.  So light and delicious. It paired perfectly with the Sauvignon Blanc she picked.
Second course was the mushroom farfalle paired with a delightful unoaked buttery Chardonnay.  MMMmmmm. So delicious!
Annie got fancy with the next wine and served us like the book.  It was a really good Chianti.  This was where I started going downhill.
Veal meatballs and wilted greens.  Holy cow.  Laura, I need this recipe!
And finally for dessert, these amazing homemade truffles.  I cannot tell you how good they were!
They were paired with a tauny Port.  Port is always a good memory of nights with my middle sister.
The smiles tell you it was a good time! As do my purple teeth!
Till next time book club!  We are going to read The After Party next. Looks intriguing!  I hope I get to wear my fur for what is sure to be a fancy time!

Happy Reading!


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