Recapping the weekend- Girls, pool, popcorn and wine!

Happy Monday morning y'all!  Hope you had a fine weekend!  I sure did!  My three best friends from high school and I celebrated 23 years of friendship and the end of summer with a weekend away at the Harrah's Casino and Resort in Biloxi, Mississippi.  It was a much needed vacay for those three who have been home with their kids all summer.  And I am always up for fun!  Let's recap the good times! Linking up with Biana for Weekending

Toni and I got there first,  we have been friends even longer, 30 years next year! We decided to get some pool time in first.  Find my monogrammed visor here.
SkinnyPop* has new pairings with wine.  I was so intrigued.  My friends and I love SkinnyPop but I had never thought of pairing it with wine!  

It is so fun!  Pairing a no guilt snack to make you feel better about your wine habit!

Since we were all Pinot Noir lovers and White Cheddar fans I decided to pair that.  But this weekend when I am watching the Olympics, I plan on pairing Sea Salt and Pepper with Malbec! 
We all got to the room which had a lovely view of the pool!
We all caught up on our gossip and the Hills in such a classy way!
 After that we showered up and went down to dinner at my friend Kelly's restaurant, Magnolia House by Kelly English.  We ran into some familiar characters, my parents!

Aren't they all so cute!?
After my dad snapped this photo, he secretly picked up our tab.  Thanks mom and dad!
The picky eater to my left did not appreciate the touch of the full anchovy in her Caesar salad. I thought it was cool.  But I am a food nerd.
She and I went old school and got filets and baked potato, so good!
Lindsay got the crab cakes,  She loved them.  Toni got the fish and loved it too,  my camera did not shoot it well.
Our parting gift.  So yummy, a nice, super moist  brownie.

Saturday morning we had massages and spent some time in the steam room and hot tub at the Bellissimo Spa to sweat out all of our wine.  It was so relaxing.  We recapped funny moments from past trips and follies.  

Then it was pool time for some excellent people watching.
We had a lovely cabana for the afternoon.  Unfortunately it was next to some rowdy people celebrating JoJo's birthday.  They were highly entertaining and a bit annoying. Sorry if you are a reader  of the blog, Jojo and friends, but you were!
There were daiquiris for some
And various mixed drinks in the Yetis.  Find my decal here.
I could not help but have a bite, haven't had one of these since college!
I got to watch HGTV!  Kristina is pregnant? I miss my shows!
We worked up a real appetite with all of our sweating, drinking and swimming so we ventured out for Mexican food, all of our favorite cuisine.  

Cheese dip is life.
The restaurant had a wall of water, we had to take a selfie!
It was a fabulous weekend and we resolved to make this weekend always ours so that we wouldn't wait another four years for a fun short trip.  I am so lucky to have these ladies in my life for so long.  Girl time is the best!   

Hope you had just as much fun the last time you visited with friends!  Hope you had a great weekend.  Some yummy stuff to come this week!

Happy Cooking!  

*I was not compensated by SkinnyPop.  All words and opinions are my own.  I promise.

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