Recapping the weekend-Welcome to my house!

This was a low key weekend unlike my usual ones.  I am traveling 3 of the next 5 weekends so I needed to get the house in order so I would not be hosting my DG board meeting in a few weeks surrounded by boxes!  I cleaned organized and unpacked and melded the roommate's and my stuff.  I am going to show y'all the results!  Linking up with Biana for Weekending.

The coffee and liquor bar

The hanging rack was already there from when I lived here before.  I liked the idea of combining coffee and adult beverages and I was sold when I saw Chelsea's beautiful yellow combo of the two. 
Special Thanks to Emelia for sending me the cute coffee print.  It is just perfect!
My Julia Child style pot rack I designed and painted is still here too!  It is necessary.

Because we have the tiniest kitchen ever!
A whole lot of love packed in there!

We both like to cook so it has to be efficient to allow for both of us! We are doing it!

The old fireplace is my fave!
These are tablecloths that I made into curtains!
Hello house!

I hope you had a great weekend!

Happy Cooking!!


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