Recapping the Weekend~I'm on a boat!

Hello my chickadees!  Hope your weekend was amazing!  Mine sure was! There was a lot of friends, art, drinking and fun!  Started it off Friday celebrating my pal Mel B's birthday!  We started at Urban South Brewery, where a percentage of profits were heading down to Baton Rouge for all the flood victims.  I was so happy to see a line of people wanting to give back!

Doing good in the neighborhood!!
There was a food truck with some comfort food!
And an old man jam band!
We moved to the Tchoup Yard next where the birthday girl got a dangerous Bushwacker.
I just love this place!
And I just love these girls!  I quickly left after, I had a big Saturday planned!
We went over to Slidell for a day on the water at my pal  Lizzy Lou's
Life is good on the water
Since this is a food blog I thought I'd show you our snacks.
The weather mostly held out for us!
Love these ladies!
We had lunch at the fancy (I use that term loosely) Yacht Club.
Apparently this a rampant problem.
Nothing like fried bowtie pasta to dip with!
You know I did not eat these.
We had to be snarky after seeing that sign.
I decided to be a land lubber and get a roast beef po boy.  So good!
It is a travesty that only Jeff has this shirt and not Laura as well.
It was such a fun weekend!  Hope you had a great one as well.  I need to get on the water more often, it is the best!  Linking up with Biana for weekending.

Happy Cooking!


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