Five For Friday-Hectic times before Napa!!

Hello my dears, Happy Friday!  This has been a fun, busy short week for me. I know next week will not be the same because I leave for Napa next Thursday!  It is going to feel so long.  I am linking up with Amanda for Friday Favorites.  Let's get into it!


I went to see Dolly Parton Wednesday night!  She was so adorable.  She told such great stories and looked like a million dollars.  She was so sparkly that when I tried to zoom in on her, she looked like a hologram!  

The highlight of the show for most was when she sang "I Will Always Love You" at the end, but I loved when she and her band did "Do I Ever Cross Your Mind" a capella, twice!  Once normal and once super sped up.  The people watching was wonderful as well.                                                                       

I finally got my Christmas tree!  We went and got it Tuesday and the poor dear is only half decorated because I can't find the rest of them. I am so happy to finally be in this wonderful house after all that happend in the past year and change, but man moving so often makes you lose stuff!.  But, just having it and my other decorations finally displayed have me in the Christmas spirit!


I am having customer service issues.  My new address is very wonky.  My street name has three names.  Sometimes the post office abbreviates it.  Well I cannot change my address with Audi and the Box of Style will not accept my new address or credit card because my billing address is this address. I think I have cleared up Audi.  But there is no phone number for Box of Style.  I have emailed several times and no answer.  Has anyone else had similar issues?


My lovely ladies I share a daily email with are having our annual Dirty Santa party tonight!  I recapped last year's here.  We are being less fancy this year, pajamas, fire pit and a delicious homecooked meal.  The gift exchange should be full of excitement!  This is our 10th year in existence as a group, and over the years we have lost some members and gained new ones.  I cherish our traditions and friendship every day!
All but two of us a long time ago at one of our other events we used to do, Faux Thanksgiving!

I am taking my niece to see Home Alone with the Philharmonic Orchestra Saturday night with my other sister (not her mom) and my nephew.  It is one of my favorite holiday movies, although nothing can ever top Christmas Vacation in my book!  I cannot wait to see the joy on her face while she enjoys that and the hibachi before!  I love little outings with her!

Well there you have it, that is what is going on with me.  What is going on with you?  Any holiday plans, any news, any fun?

Happy Cooking!


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