Restaurant Review- N7, New Orleans (It's new and exciting!)

I have a new dining companion in my life these days.  He shall remain anonymous for now as he cannot decide on what we shall call him but he may be popping into my stories here and there. Maybe we should nickname him! For now he will be he who is not nicknamed.  If you know me well, this may make you giggle.  Anywho, we went to try a yummy place a few weeks back and I just had to share it.  

N7 is kind of new and in an up and coming part of town.  I had been wanting to try it, but the concept just weirded me out. Lots of canned seafood.  Yuck!  But like a good foodie, I had to try it.  And I am so glad I did.  I didn't even have to try any canned food.  Well kind of, I believe old what's his name's dish was out of a can or at least that is what the menu on yelp says.  Anyway, on to my limited and can't do it justice review.  If you are a New Orleans local, try it!  Perfect romantic date night or easy girl's night.

That is an ominous front door!
We were greeted by a tall wooden fence that looked to be blocking something illegal.  My nerdy self immediately wondered if the fence was up to code (it is).  I sadly cannot remember what that plaque says.  When we opened the door, it was like magic.  I felt like I was teleported to the French countryside.  And I've been to the French countryside!  It was a garden setting with those fun clear string lights and tons of outdoor seating.

I tried to get better pics but I was working on taking it all in.  We did not get to sit outside, but we did get a quaint two top inside away from the hustle and bustle of the bar.  

I loved the Citroen dealership in France when I studied there.  And then look, here is one in the backyard of a restaurant in my city!
This is the window into the kitchen.  It smelled really good in there!
Now on to the food and drinks.  I ordered us a Loire Valley red.  It was the perfect blend of my love of cab and a crowd pleasing Pinot.  The couple next to us got some canned delicacies.  I thought it was rude to photograph their food!

I did snap a pic of the box on their can of, what is that?  
We split the romaine salad.  It had a Caesar like dressing on it.  I could taste some anchovy.  It was delightful.  Deep flavor, fresh crunchy lettuce and salty parmesan.
I got the duck a l'orange with haricot verts.  The duck was cooked perfectly and was so succulent.  The sauce was the perfect medley of richness and citrus. The haricot verts were crispy and flavorful.  The orange slices were the perfect touch for a beautiful plate!
He who is not nicknamed got the aforementioned mussels. They were sinfully delicious.  Lots of butter went into the sauce.  There was just the right amount of bread for dipping. Anymore and you would have to be rolled out of the place!

That is all I have for you.  I just really liked this place so much it deserved its own post.  The atmosphere and food put it on my worth going back to list. The atmosphere, wine and company may have made me think the food was better than it was, but you will have to decide that for yourself! Do you have a new place you have tried and loved?  Do you love classic french food and atmosphere?  

Happy Cooking!


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