Recapping the Weekend- Fun times with the girls!

Hello friends!  Welcome to a new week! Mine is going to be chock full of meetings and then off to Napa Thursday!  Hope you had a fabulous weekend and this week feels short.  I had a great weekend full of times with my favorite girls, I have a recap for you today so let's get into it! Linking up with Biana!

My friend Laura hosted us for our annual Ladies Dirty Santa Party.  Her house was so festive and it was a fabulous time as usual. I got home very late after too much wine and a lovely Lyft ride.  

I have dining room table envy!
We had a lovely spread of fancy and cheap wine.  There's a 2 buck Chuck back there!
I wonder what are in these!  The Gift game is always the best part!
Laura made short ribs and grits, mmmm!
These were the highlight of the gift swap.  I ended up with some gorgeous earrings.

Saturday was an adventure in dog pee clean up and I got myself a box from Hollygrove Market!
Saturday night was a fun night with niece and nephew and others at Shogun for Hibachi!

I just love this little cutie, we had a great date!
We saw Home Alone in the theater with a live orchestra!  It was so cool!
Kate and her friend Luke were as well behaved as two six year olds with m&m's could be!
Sunday I meal planned with the produce haul and started packing for Napa.  It was the perfect day to do it since it was dreary outside.  But these rainbow radishes sure weren't dreary!  Can't wait to show you what I whip up with these!  

That is all I have for you, hit me up with your highlights.  Have a great day!

Happy Cooking!


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