Five for Friday: 2017-The Year of No

If you have checked out my recap posts of my weekends this past year, I think you can tell that this has been a year of saying yes.  I became the president of my Sorority alumnae chapter and went to Orlando for convention, I went to see LSU play at Lambeau Field, I  went to Napa and got all my luggage stolen, have been to countless concerts, went ziplining over a half mile gorge, babysat children, and went on blind dates.  I moved, twice.  I found a nice man I let into my heart after it hurt so much. It has been quite a year.

Relaxation and sunsets are in order
But you know what?  I'm tired.  I feel like I get pulled in a million directions for so many different things.  I always feel bad when I say no to people and things.   Since 2017 is starting and it's time for starting anew, I am making this the year of NO!  In a good way.  I am going to start saying no for me. I am going to take pressure off myself and my finances by allowing myself to skip things without having FOMO.  I feel like I started this whirlwind affair with living life to the fullest-to a fault- because I hated being single so much.  It worked for awhile, but man it is exhausting.  And I like being single now, even if I am not anymore. Funny how that happens!

So from now on, no, I cannot add that thing to my calendar because I already have something every other night that week.  No, I cannot go on that trip because I do not have the proper savings for it. No, I cannot buy that not on-sale top because I did not make a contribution to my rainy day fund this month. No I don't want to go to your fancy party,  I am spending New Year's Eve at home by myself for the first time ever and I am totally okay with that.

It is not going to be boring around here because I am still fun and want to have some.  But saying no will free me up to saying yes to other things, like a photography class (!I start in two weeks!), taking the stairs at work, making some fancy weekend dishes, making my house more organized, getting my backyard ready for action and visitors and just having more me time and time for the people that count and deserve a spot in my life.

This turned out a bit ranty and I apologize for that!  Are you down for making next year a year of yes, or a year of no? What are your New Year's resolutions?  I've loved 10/12ths of 2016, but the last 2/12th need to exit and not let the door hit them where the Lord split em! Here's to 2017, may she bring love, laughter and happiness to all of us!

Happy New Year to You and Yours!


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